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All consumers thinking of buying from TODD RONALD BUNDAY and COUNTRY PRIME FOODS. SAVE YOUR $$$. Todd is *** artist and a crook. He's screwed over everyone he's ever worked with. He moved down to Portland from Seattle in 2006-07 and has been screwing people over here for years. Recently he tried to force everyone in his offices or "shops" as he calls them to sell bad food that had been thawed out and refrozen. You can't believe anything this guy says. It wasn't til the State came after him he even got licensed to drive muchless to do business. The guy drove all over Portland and Washington for multiple years with no license to drive. What business owner doesn't have a license from not paying his child support? A loser with a gambling problem. Please call your local Police if you see a van in your neighborhood. Also Call Lucielle Salmony, Oregon Senior Assistant Attorney General at 503-235-1259, and Micheal Black with the Department of Agriculture at 503-881-1502,

They have offices in

Fremont, California; Tacoma, Washington, and now they've moved to Vancouver Washington from Portland to avoid the heat from the State of Oregon. This is a serious matter I know for a fact they are selling bad food and TODD BUNDAY is the person making it happen. If you've ever been screwed over by anyone or know anyone who has screwed over by anyone from COUNTRY PRIME FOODS. CALL THE ABOVE NUMBERS AND KEEP CALLING THEM EVERYTIME YOU SEE THEM IN YOUR NEIGHBOTHOOD.

If you see them in your neighborhood CALL THE COPS AND DONT ANSWER THE DOOR. TODD EMPLOYED A GUY NAMED JASON HOLST a few years back WHO SOLD PEOPLE FOOD AND THEN BROKE IN THERE HOUSES AND STOLE THERE STUFF!!! He doesn't do drug screens and he doesn't do back round checks. He pretty much doesn't care who sells food so long as he gets his money every night. Checks are made to the drivers so that Todd and get his money the same night. OH and his pack of beef IS NOT CHOICE, two boxes out of the whole case are actually choice beef. I could go on forever BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

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Should be prosecuted for harassing law enforcement by a disgruntled ex employee... Some *** is going to believe this!

Portland, Oregon, United States #757932

I worked there made 300$ a day in the summer.the food I sold was always good.

I ate it so much I got sick of steaks for a while,HA.

I quit when I was coaxed to open a shop in Denver. Todd was always cool.

more like a friend than A boss.Whats up todd, its Brandon from the travis days.


Hello, I figured I'd get on here and defend myself.I'm Matt white.

Used to work for country prime foods for almost 3 years. I really loved my job for a while. Pay was good. Staff was super friendly.

But to be quite frank.......there is way to much smokey mirror stuff going on. They lay a freezer on its side and store beef chicken and seafood. LOL the freezers aren't even plugged in. Trained me to lie to people to sell food.

How I'm done with my route and I had an order cancel. Gotta get rid of it.... U have heard it all I'm sure. The owner of country prime foods Todd bundy is a ***.

Guy can't even sell his own products. I'm an intelligent man, I don't need to give you a *** lie. I got the meat. You want the meat?

Let's work a deal. That simple. The real reason I quit is cause they wanted me to sell bad food. Beef that was black and over six months old.

I'm not trying to make people and their families sick. No I do not work under the name cascade grocery delivery. I am working with another distributor in the Portland area that is the real deal. Actual freezer trucks and fresh products are delivered weekly and include a 1 year guarantee.

Those other posts that say how I'm a fat slob and was swearing at people are misrepresenting who i am.

Please realize who the real *** here is.I am happy to answer any questions that any one may have.Email me at thankyou


That was a pretty strong response Todd.I like it!

It is amazing when you do everything right, sometimes it is tougher, but justice does always prevail!! Keep doing business amazingly Todd, and ALL of Country Prime Foods!!

I think your great customer service and willingness to have any customer talk with the state is a true testament to how legitimate you are.The other companies you spoke of can NOT say the same!


It appears that JASON WIMPLE, MATT WHITE, and LANCE WORKMAN are retaliating because The Oregon Department of Justice and Oregon Department of Agriculture have been hot on their trail right off the bat. These 3 are upset about the fact that their plans to go into direct competition with a legitimate operation were foiled. They operate as CASCADE GROCERY SERVICE. I have found no information with any state organization that this is a legitimate operation.

I am Todd Bunday - Proud owner of Country Prime Foods

I am elated to see that justice always prevails. Our company is in FULL compliance with all state and federal requirements. We are excited to speak with any customers regarding any hesitation about our products and services.

We encourage any and all customers to check with the Secretary of State website regarding any credibility issues you might have with any organization. Our registry number for Country Prime Foods is 682090-98 for the state of Oregon. Also, we would be glad to have you check in with the Oregon Department of Justice and Oregon Department of Agriculture, as we are confident in our relationship with both organizations. Our products are held in a wholesome condition for your personal guaranteed satisfaction in one of our various warehouse locations throughout the west coast. The personal attempt to discredit my organization and family is a true realization of what type of people these three (MATT WHITE, JASON WIMPLE, AND...

All of us at Country Prime Foods are very excited to have you as a customer and value our honest business relationship.

Website -

Toll Free Customer Service Number - 888-580-2238

Todd Bunday - Owner (Direct Number) - 206-551-8934

Thank you for your time.

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